The Young Turks offer a new level of membership-only high-quality online engagement with virtual TYTownhalls!
The Young Turks have launched a new digital campaign poignantly titled TYTownhall to drive subscriptions and reward current premium members with exclusive high-value online engagement.
TYTownhalls are regular online Shindig events giving paying premium members the chance to directly interact with TYT hosts and each other. Members are encouraged to pre-submit their burning questions as well as share their views via video and text chat during the event. The online discussions are recorded and posted behind their member portal on TYT's website and mobile app post-event.
On this last segment, members talked face-to-face with Damage Report and TYT host John Iadarola. John answered a variety of hot topic questions covering some of today’s most pressing issues such as corporations supporting universal health care, the potential ripple effect of the new tax bill, and possible obstructions of justice in the Mueller investigation plus more informal questions such as John’s favorite video game providing a productive real-time discussion and authentic, engaging content for TYT sites.