Video conferencing and virtual events with uniquely powerful tools for participation, engagement, production, and monetization

Large Scale
Full video chat interactivity for groups of 1000's.
Share the Stage
Any audience member can ask their question face-to-face via webcam or by text.
Video Chat Mingling
Video chat with whomever you choose without disturbing others.
Live Stream Integration
Stream your Shindig event from Facebook Live & YouTube Live.
Sponsorship, promotional and video ad revenue for paid admission, or widgets for in context sales of merchandise. Optional syndication widget.
No Downloads or Registration
Browser based and user friendly. No download, no installation, no account registration.
Data Collection
Name, email and attendance capture for hosts.
Green Room
Privately screen audience members before broadcasting them on stage with the host
Custom Branding
Easily customizable backgrounds and widgets perfect for sponsorship, branding and in context e-commerce.
Easy Administration
Enables two users on admin, simplifying question and event management.
Invite/RSVP System
Guest list management and automatic email reminder generation.
Efficient creation of new video content. Multiply Shindig impact by deploying event video on your website, YouTube channel and social media.
Open or Exclusive Admission
Supports public, guest list only, password protected or ticketed events.
Tablet & Mobile App
Enjoy events on-the-go with the Shindig app for iOS and Android.
Social Media Integration
Social sharing tools for sparking virality. Optional Facebook integration to see and invite friends who are currently online. Optional Twitter integration allows you to broadcast live tweets to the audience.
No Open Mic
Shindig does away with the open mic that might allow a bad actor or an unintended noise from a single participant to interrupt the smooth running of the event.
Screen Share
Share the contents of the presenter's screen with the entire audience.
Host can privately video chat with any individual audience member.
Monitor View
Spotlit participants are also broadcast on a TV monitor in order to easily appear before both the online and in-room audience. Enables smooth operation of hybrid events.
White Label Branding
Embed the Shindig platform on your website.

Not Just Video Chat

Imagine online events that are just as interactive, productive, and memorable as real life. Shindig gives you the tools you need to stop imagining and start experiencing. Sign up for a free demo and see how it works for yourself.
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