Business of Fashion hosts their first live subscriber-only Shindig giving live access to Founder Imran Amed and Chief NY Correspondent Lauren Sherman.
The global fashion media outlet, Business of Fashion looked for a digital platform to host an exclusive subscriber meeting on the sharing economy and its effect on the fashion industry. BOF Founder Imran Amed and Chief NY Correspondent Lauren Sherman decided to go with Shindig “so that we could see all of your faces and interact with you as if we were in a room together.”
The private BOF Professional event allowed participants to directly interact with Imran Amed and Lauren Sherman as well as video mingle and network with each other. BOF utilized the “Raise Your Hand” feature to have participants vote on certain topics and be broadcasted on the virtual stage to ask live video questions.
The BOF Shindig event allowed for a seamless and amazing experience uniting subscribers from 25 different countries that educated, engaged, and connected their members. The fashion and digital forward event showcases how media outlets can provide exclusive member-only content using an online platform with optimal interaction.