Presidential Candidate John Delaney PredictIt Town Hall
PredictIt, the stock market for politics, aimed to adapt the concept of the shareholder call to allow traders to familiarize themselves with the plans, strategy, and prospects of the 2020 presidential candidates.
Each of the 2020 presidential candidates and their key staff are being invited to address PredictIt traders in a video chat town hall for 30 minutes. During this live video event, they can discuss their strategy, issue positions and prospects for winning the nomination and general election, including 10 minutes allocated for traders to pose video chat questions, moderated by a PredictIt staffer. Using Shindig, PredictIt’s POTUS Shareholder Video Chat Town Halls helps candidates convey their perspectives, and helps traders make smart buy/sell decisions.
During the first 2020 Candidates Series Town Hall, Mr. Delaney's top staffers successfully answered trader questions live on video chat to an engaged audience that included 100's on Shindig and untold others viewing on the simul stream shared by the candidates and PredictIts Facebook Followers, Twitter audience and YouTube viewers.