A Global Gathering for a Global Community, Hosted by University of the People

On Tuesday, November 1st, Shindig hosted the first-ever gathering for the University of the People, a tuition-free online university. Over 200 students, educators, and administrators from 37 different countries came together as President Shai Reshef spoke about the University’s journey and its future goals.

Online events such as these give the UoPeople community a unique opportunity to directly interact with leadership, meet peers across the world, and connect to the larger community. Students, volunteers and faculty alike were able to take the stage and talk with President Reshef about the University, while others became acquainted with peers in private chats during the event. In total, over 30 audience-generated questions fueled the discussion on the University’s vision and agenda. These interactive sessions can effectively enhance the crucial social components of education that are paramount to learning but are often lacking in online environments.