Looking for better options to connect with their fans during COVID and utterly tired of the platforms they had tried, Aly & AJ turned to Shindig to curate a VIP experience for their fan club featuring the digital premiere of their recent live performance at Bowery Ballroom in NYC and a meet & greet with adoring fans.

Create an engaging VIP fan experience for superfans of pop duo Aly & AJ. Build that experience to justify the ticket price and give fans a unique opportunity to watch the concert alongside Aly & AJ themselves.
Use Shindig’s robust production capabilities to premiere a pre-recorded concert while allowing the artists to provide real time commentary about the show for their fans. Give Aly & AJ the opportunity to use Shindig to engage directly with their fans on the stage & the agency for them to use the platform to screen which fans they brought on stage for the meet & greet.
The concert event was a resounding success. Aly & AJ were able to use Shindig to premiere their concert, give live commentary during the show and even bring fans up on stage to dance with them while the performance was playing. The concert premiere was followed by over an hour of meet & greets with fans chatting with Aly & AJ on stage. At the end of the meet & greet, the duo even opened the podiums for first come first serve interactions that added a gamification element to the event. Fan reactions were incredibly positive with multiple superfans asking when they would next be holding an event like this.