Looking to ramp up superfan word of mouth just prior to its premiere Netflix partnered with Amazon Goodreads to host an author panel to promote the release of the new film Enola Holmes. The event featured interviews with authors Jenny Han, Angie Thomas, Roshani Chokshi, and the writer of the Enola Holmes books series herself, Nancy Springer. Over 700 Amazon Goodreads members were in attendance and were treated to amazing commentary from the authors that touched on topics from writing your first novel to adapting a book for a screenplay.

Host an engaging virtual event to promote the new Netflix film Enola Holmes. Give aspiring authors an opportunity to learn from some of their role models despite not being able to convene in person.
Utilize Shindig’s production features to create a robust promotional event for the upcoming release of a new Netflix film. Host an engaging discussion with talented authors to attract a targeted audience and utilize Shindig’s strong content broadcast tools to promote the trailer for the film.
Over 700 aspiring authors and screenwriters were treated to engaging discussions moderated by National Novel Writing Month Executive Director, Grant Faulkner. Netflix was able to promote the trailer of the new film to a highly targeted audience while simultaneously giving that audience an opportunity to learn from some of the best in the field. The Goodreads team produced an excellent lineup of talent that created highly engaging discussions assisted by the smooth production enabled by the Shindig platform thus creating an effortless promotional virtual event.