Amazon treated its staff to a special experience when it hosted acclaimed chef David Chang for an exclusive staff virtual meet up. Moderated by Goodreads CEO Veronica Moss, Amazon team members  were given the special opportunity to dive deeper into the experiences behind Chang’s memoir Eat a Peach by asking him their own personal questions in video chat.

Bring Amazon staff together for a special virtual convening with celebrity chef and author David Chang.
Utilize the Shindig platform to create a virtual space where attendees can not only meaningfully participate in the talk with Chang but enjoy one another’s company rebuilding some of the sense of community amongst them lost during Covid.
Amazon Goodreads put together an excellent event featuring many audience video chat questions and discussion of important topics in the restaurant industry. Covering everything from diversity and inclusivity in the industry to his son's favorite dish, and unlike Zoom talks, other video conferencing and webinars where questions are limited to text, the conversational nature of video chat questions drew David Chang out in unique ways and made the event even more engaging and personal than the standard book talk.