International Trade Association, Berne Union, tapped Shindig to maximize their networking and collaboration with key business leadership around the world.

Use Shindig to enable networking and collaboration among key audiences from Berne Union's international members including conferences, summits, committees and board of directors meetings.
Allow all attendees to to be quickly brought to the stage to ask questions and then easily moved back to the audience. All participants can see the faces of others in real time and can directly connect to chat while still viewing the main presentation or discussion. Seamlessly import reports, slide shows or video streams into the Shindig platform and provide an easy to use interface for all participants regardless of their familiarity with tech.
Berne Union's members now easily connect and engaging on Shindig at meetings, conferences and events recreating in-person dynamics in self-directed, spontaneous and/or planned one-one-one and small group private discussions improving networking and collaboration.