The Pennsylvania State Education Association held its formal delegate nomination on Shindig featuring dozens of educators joining the stage in the virtual meeting to address a group of hundreds. The event allowed PSEA delegates to conduct formal votes even though they were not able to convene in person. Organized by production company Tallen Inc., the event was a strong example of a Shindig experience that utilizes the full possibilities of the tech.

Hold the PSEA House of Delegates virtually and accomplish important association business despite not being able to meet in person.
Employ a production company to provide integrated graphics, lower thirds, etc. to create a high quality broadcast experience through RTMP streams displayed in the Shindig podiums.
The PSEA House of Delegates 2020 was completed successfully. Educators from all over Pennsylvania were able to convene virtually and accomplish important business. From initial nominations to engaging in delegate votes, PSEA was able to recreate their delegate meeting virtually without a hitch.