Amidst the global COVID-19 Crisis, Chronicle of higher education aimed to connect a panel of experts with college administrators around the globe to provide updates on COVID-19 and discuss solutions to key challenges facing colleges & universities.
Convening panel on COVID-19 during the COVID outbreak, The Chronicle faced the challenge of how to host a panel with maximum relevance to its audience in a crisis that was evolving at lightning speed.
Assemble expert panel and use Shindig to allow the Chronicle audience to meaningfully engage with them and contribute to the dialog through Shindig’s advanced moderation of large scale video chat event tools
Audience of over 1000 participants attended with an overflow audience of 1000’s more watching stream on Shindig Live and Periscope Live. Chronicles audience of educators were able to relate their own relevant experiences with the crisis to the speakers as well as ask incisive questions with follow up that would not have been possible in typical Zoom Webinar text based interaction.