CT Dems showcase that they can respond to the COVID-19 crisis and not miss a beat; offering their delegates the degree of natural interpersonal exchange of opinions they would have had at the in-person convention, on Shindig.

Convene the Connecticut State Democratic Convention 2020 during COVID-19.
Connecticut State Democratic Leadership sought to convene online without losing any of the interactivity of their 1000’s utilizing Shindig's unique platform functionality to enable delegates to engage together during this difficult period.
A virtual experience that allows the complex apparatus of a political convention to be held online effectively. Speakers from Governor Lamont, Senator Blumenthal and Senator Murphy were able to take advantage of the video chat backstage to be prepared before taking the stage ensuring flawless production and now “is this on can you hear me moments”. Meanwhile delegates were all able to privately converse with one another in private video chat in the moments before and after the main presentations just as they would have had they been together in Hartford.