The Founders of Diversity in Blockchain coming from IBM and Goldman Sachs host a live virtual panel discussion.
Shawnna Hoffman (IBM), Anna Ashurov (Goldman Sachs), Joshua Ashley Klayman Kuzar (Morrison & Foerster) and other founders came together on the Shindig platform to introduce their non-profit, Diversity in Blockchain, an organization incubated by MIT Law committed to creating equal, open, and inclusive opportunities in the blockchain industry. The founders were excited about using a platform where they could all meet, despite their geographic locations, to raise awareness and strengthen the community.
To tell their story and enhance involvement, the DiB founders appeared on Blockchain Weekly, a LIVE interactive video chat forum hosted by Michael Noel every Wednesday at 2 PM ET. The event was moderated by Michael and IBM’s Shawnna Hoffman. All DiB founders were broadcasted on the virtual stage using Shindig’s fluid Share the Stage feature. As they “passed the mic” each co-founder talked about their current roles and what inspired them to enter the blockchain market. They also discussed how and why they came together to form Diversity in Blockchain; to create equal participation and distribution by empowering everyone to engage with blockchain technology.
Online audience members were highly engaged with the panel showing their support and enthusiasm while participating in the Q&A portion of the event. Many raised their hands, indicating they wanted to come on stage, and entered text questions using Shindig’s audience engagement tools. The Diversity in Blockchain founders were able to collectively create an online event mimicking a real-life panel discussion, without the need for travel time or cost, generating excitement and participation for Diversity in Blockchain and carrying out their mission to create an inclusive blockchain environment through education, discussion, and engagement.