Enable The Best Virtual Learning Experience with Shindig

Fascinating article in Fast Company from September regarding Zoom’s failings for virtual learning asks the question: why does [Zoom] still feel like a corporate meeting app that has been MacGyvered into an education platform?

Because it is. Zoom was never designed to enable the dynamics of a classroom experience.

Shindig, on the other hand, was designed from the ground up for flexible interactivity. With Shindig, teachers can address the whole class, cold call or take student’s video chat questions. They can also circulate through the class to provide individualized private attention to students who need it, all without having to worry about Zoom-bombing (Shindig was designed to prevent that too).

And beyond better classrooms, Shindig enables the full 360 of online education. In K-12 this includes parents meetings, where parents in different locations can attend together to discuss in real time; professional development, where active participation is critical; departmental and district meetings where the floor might be opened and or video chat contributions solicited from any of 1000 attendees; and more.

Don’t wait for Zoom to try and add incremental improvements. Start with something designed to address educators’ needs from the get go. Shindig.