Top 50 Website Fandom, home to fan communities of all kinds, wanted to explore new ways to create content, content with fans and attract sponsors. They turned to Shindig to make a new participatory trivia show which soon attracted sponsorship from Wendy's.

Produce an on-going interactive virtual event series to engage its fans across its wide-ranging communities through dynamic content that also attracts sponsorship opportunities.
Take advantage of Shindig's unique, real-time, interactive Q&A capbilities to bring fans/attendees onstage and answer trivia questions from the Fandom editorial team.
The on-going Fandom 5 Trivia series has engaged thousands of fans across communities from Nintendo to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, bringing attendees onstage for real-time, prize-winning trivia competitions and allowing the Fandom team to use the event series to bring on corporate sponsors like Wendy's, who sponsored the most recent Rick and Morty Trivia series.