First Line Software provides solutions to a global market and they used Shindig to bring their Global Client Summit from offline to online.

Transition First Line Software's annual Global Client Summit into an online conference using an easy-to-understand plattform that allow a diverse client base from around the world to quickly engage.
Simultaneously broadcast content and speakers from accross the globe while enabling attendee participation and engagement via live Q& As that pull audience memebers to the stage and back again as well as offering small group private video chats. Allow attendees to use Shindig's unique virtual space to actually see each other as small video squares assembled around and network with a simple click to connect to another attendee or a join a group while still watching sessions.
First Line Software delivered their first ever digital annual conference full of multiple concurrent panel discussions, talks, and presentations while fostering a participatory and fully interactive environment for their global audience. Traditionally an in-person summit, they were able to bring it to life online for the whole organization.