Noted EdTech pioneer Future Trends sought to create a weekly forum for sharing the best ideas in EdTech with peers and found Shindig the perfect platform to build a community on now reaching over 10,000.

Create an easy to use interactive weekly forum that brings on guests and allows audience members to ask questions on stage.
Taking advantage of Shindig's ease of use, Bryan produces his weekly forum with no assistance from anyone else, bringing people to the stage, bringing in comments from twitter and social media, and producing a slick show all while deeply engaging in thought provoking conversation with his nonted guests.
Future Trends Forum is now a who's who of senior education leadership, Deans Provosts, CEOs of top EdTech firrms, predsidents of top educational associations engageing and ineracting with the viewership at a level beyond most. The personal connections and deeper impacts are amplified by the face-to-face experience between hosts, guests and the audience.