Three days of video chat discussions and Q&A's with leading influencers and fresh startups, live from the floor of SXSW.
A series of video chat discussions, pitch sessions and Q&A’s with leading influencers and fresh startups right from the floor of the SXSW conference center. Participants unable to attend were given an inside look at SXSW while also hearing from today’s top digital influencers and getting introduced to new startups on the scene.
In an attempt to bolster in-event attendance, social media outreach from brands and individuals with especially dedicated followings proved effective. Tweets and retweets from Entrepreneur Magazine (1 million+ followers) and Jeremy Gutsche (100K followers) led to a bump in attendance.
Nearly 500 individuals logged in over the course of the engaging 3-day event, with the average participant staying for over 45 minutes. In addition, more than 60 audience questions were answered through both video chat and text by the wide array of impressive guest speakers, including Eric Ries of Lean Startup, Rameet Chawla of Fueled, Jeff Dachis of RazorFish and Jeremy Gutsche of TrendHunter.com.