ASU and Georgetown President's announce the upcoming launch of their Institute for Innovation in Higher Education Leadership.
ASU President Michael Crow and Georgetown President John Degioia employed the Shindig platform to announce the upcoming launch of their new initiative and connect the in-person audience with thought leaders, consultants, educators, entrepreneurs and government officials across the country.
Georgetown, ASU and their media partner The Chronicle of Higher Education hosted a launch event on Shindig. The event was promoted to their email subscribers, students, faculty, social media followers, press contacts, website visitors and the wider Higher Ed community across the country and world.
A vibrant, intimate, face to face discussion online. Unlike a traditional live stream or webcast, online audience members were able to network, share the experience with one another and ask questions of the hosts via video chat. The online audience reached 3x the capacity of the physical auditorium space. The high value attendees joining from Florida to Washington State keenly watched the panel discussions, networked with one another and asked questions, engaging for 55 minutes on average. The vibrant discussion was punctuated with a thought provoking online video chat question from Kaplan's Chief Learning Officer, Bror Saxberg.