With campus life severely limited Georgetown struggled with how to emphasize that extracurricular activities for the year would continue in robust fashion. So, for their big annual college club fair online Georgetown University turned to Shindig. 2,500 students from over 270 clubs congregated on Shindig and were thereby able to kick off the Fall semester without a hitch -- meeting with one another, participating in presentations and speaking privately with club leaders just as they might have at the traditional in person fair.

Bring together Georgetown's undergraduate body at the 2020 club fair, one of the largest annual on-campus events. Recreating the lively ambiance and homey feel of Healy and Copley Lawns, the traditional on campus location of this event, was a must in enabling new students to meet club members and leaders.
Establish a seamless online environment for new students to navigate the diverse set of clubs at Georgetown and provide club members and leaders the opportunity to showcase their club while individually networking with new students. Use Shindig’s unique series feature to allow over 270 clubs to convene simultaneously over the course of four days.
By utilizing Shindig's unique series capability, Georgetown linked the individual club rooms for its over 270 clubs that took part in the 2020 fair. More than 2,500 students attended the club fair, accounting for nearly the entire freshman body as well as club leaders.