A major multinational technology consultancy found themselves unable to bring their global teams together for the traditional multi day retreat. As among the most prominent tech consultancies in the world they knew their choice for virtual event platform would be carefully scrutinized by senior leadership and their audience of top sales performers would not accept anything less than absolute state of the art perfection. They ultimately looked to Shindig to power the series of 20 events spanning 5 days involving their professionals from across the globe -- from Japan to Europe to the Americas. Attendees were treated to speeches from company leadership honoring their success, a performance from the band that was booked to play at the in-person event and perhaps most importantly leadership personally circulating amongst the assembled to give personal recognition in innumerable private conversations.

To create a virtual experience to honor top sales representatives from around the world in place of an in-person event at a time when world travel is not safe.
Use Shindig to convene top sales teams from all markets across the globe. Create a virtual experience that inspires joy and celebrates the successes from 2019.
An exceptionally successful series of events. 20 events hosted over the course of 5 days in markets across the world. It was impossible to bring all of these people together in person, but through Shindig, the global consultancy was able to convene their top sales representatives virtually and allow them to experience the event together through video chat technology. Attendees of the event connected via private video chats to watch the presentation and celebrate with each other even though they were not physically in the same location.