Harvard’s Class of 1975 convened on Shindig to honor those that have been lost during this challenging year. Attendees were treated to beautiful speeches and somber musical performances dedicated to loved ones lost. Shindig’s technology allowed this community to come together to celebrate and pay tribute despite being spread across the country and unable to convene in person due to the pandemic.

Host a virtual memorial service to honor community members who passed on in 2020. Convene virtually in a way that allows for the community to connect intimately while also providing a venue for moving speeches and performances.
Utilize Shindig’s video chat technology to allow members of the Class of 1975 to connect and pay tribute in remembrance of friends, family and colleagues. Utilize Shindig’s robust production tools to present moving live and pre-recorded content to attendees of the memorial while also enabling classmates to privately share their feelings in more personal conversations in small groups.
400 members of Harvard’s Class of 1975 shared their thoughts, memories and respects to those departed in an absolutely beautiful ceremony. Complete with moving speeches and striking a somber tone, Bill Huges and the Class of 1975 chairs were able to successfully move this memorial service into the virtual space allowing the community to stay safe while still accomplishing their goal of honoring peers.