The Human Rights Campaign was searching for a platform to host a reception prior to the official Power of Equality Inauguration livestream with a strong networking component as a must have. They chose Shindig specifically for its virtual networking capabilities allowing for hundreds of attendees to connect with each other to share the good energy from the day's festivities.

Host a dynamic virtual networking reception prior to the official Power of Equality livestream. Allow members of the LGBTQ+ community to celebrate the day despite being unable to hold their traditional Inaugural ball.
Utilize Shindig's unique private video chat functions to enable free flowing conversations among reception attendees while listening to an upbeat playlist. Then have leadership address the group from the stage to thank them for their hard work.
Hundreds of attendees joined the event and connected through hundreds of private video chats. The mood was upbeat and exciting as attendees expressed jubilation at the day's events. Organization leadership took the stage to address the event and give praise for all the hard work this community put in over the last four years. Event organizers reported that Shindig allowed this community to feel a real sense of togetherness on an historic day. It was a joy to see the Shindig platform enable such an important occasion. HRC's Deputy Director of Events: "Shindig is a groundbreaking platform built on the latest technology. It is the only product that starts by re-creating true human to human interaction which makes for a much more engaging program. And their client support is phenomenal. From our first demo to pricing and contracting all the way through event execution and wrap up, they worked with us every step of the way."