Looking for a platform to host the launch event for her latest project, Creative Passport, Imogen Heap and team turned to Shindig to enable an interactive virtual experience for friends and fans alike. Attendees were treated to vibrant conversation with the founders of Creative Passport and were even given the opportunity to come to the stage to join that conversation in front of the entire event.

Celebrate the launch of Creative Passport, a revolutionary system to empower independent artists everywhere to have greater control over the distribution of their music and streamline collection of royalties.
Use the Shindig platform to bring together artists and music industry professionals in a festive online gathering to explain how Creative Passport works. Bring attendees to the virtual stage to ask video chat questions directly to Imogen and the Creative Passport team.
Imogen Heap is known for being innovative and tech savvy -- her choice to utilize Shindig for this event shows she continues to live on the cutting edge. The event showcased her inventiveness while enabling dozens of industry pros to ask questions face to face and share thoughts about the Creative Passport project. The hundreds of artists and producers in attendance left the event informed, inspired, and ready to spread the word.