Innovation for Equity's desire to acknowledge their members’ achievements was not to be put off by COVID, so they elected to host their Clap For ‘Em awards ceremony on Shindig. The event allowed the community to celebrate the tremendous achievements of their pioneering fellow educators. And to show that IFE educators are not just teaching to the test, the event featured a DJ and social elements worthy of the achievements being celebrated.

Use Shindig to replace their annual 4 day Martha’s Vineyard retreat -- from seminars through to an awards ceremony celebrating the exemplary educators who contributed in uniquely meaningful ways to improving life outcomes of students across the nation.
Provide the tools needed for the wide range of meetings and events including the virtual awards ceremony and provide a space for the Innovation for Equity community to celebrate achievements together virtually.
Hard work was appropriately celebrated in a warm reception that encouraged deeper connection amongst members of this amazing leadership organization. The celebration followed a series of dozens of other IFE events spread out over a month, enabled by Shindig, that altogether achieved all the goals for discussion, sharing and collaboration amongst these educators that in prior years was achieved in a 4 day in person conference. Moving to Shindig enabled the conference to expand its historic reach and involve many more attendees than ever before.