On the occasion of his birthday and loving the idea of answering fan questions face to face on Shindig, Kevin Smith organized a 50 years, 50 questions fan event.

Engage with superfans in a uniquely special way on a special occasion; one that would also justify making the event a paid ticketed exclusive experience.
Kevin Smith’s team wanted to bring a more interactive experience to their regular meet & greets with his fan club. They utilized Shindig to give members an opportunity to chat face to face with Kevin.
The event turned into a one of a kind signature Kevin Smith event demonstrating the kind of fan devotion that has earned him among the most steadfast super fan communities - that is his trademark. Kevin went even above and beyond his promise of 5 minutes per questioner and ended up spending a full 5 hours with his fans on his special day, regaling them with stories and sharing as only he can. The ticketed paid event raised a 5 figure gate while also producing great recorded content posted to the TKS fan club.