Looking to provide an engaging virtual experience for their members, the Jack & Jill Foundation teamed up with Mary J. Blige and her new venture, Sun Goddess Wines, to host a fantastic virtual wine tasting event. Attendees utilized Shindig’s technology to mix and mingle to a playlist of Mary J Blige hits before being treated to an engaging conversation with Mary about what inspired the new venture. A few lucky attendees were even given the chance to join Mary on stage to share their thoughts on the wine.

Give members of Jack & Jill of America the opportunity to virtually engage with a superstar artist, Mary J Blige, while also providing a promotional opportunity to showcase Mary’s new wine label.
Utilize Shindig technology to allow attendees to mix and mingle just as they would at a real wine tasting. Using Shindig’s advanced broadcast tools, create a smooth production and also give members of the audience the chance to engage with a superstar artist.
Hundreds of attendees were sent bottles of the new wines and were treated to a lively conversation with sommelier, Lee Campbell. Some audience members were even given the opportunity to join the stage with Mary J Blige herself to give feedback on the wines. Shindig’s technology allowed these generous women to kick back and enjoy their Friday night with the superstar Queen of Hip Hop Soul in a way no other platform could.