For more than a decade, Netroots Nation has hosted the largest annual conference for progressives. In 2020 they had to bring that conference online for the first time ever, so Netroots Nation turned to Shindig to enable an array of networking and social events to bring a deeper layer of interactivity to the conference. Complete with sponsored virtual hallways, a highly entertaining gameshow of political discourse and a moving film premiere, the programming slate on Shindig added incredible social value to the conference and assisted in spreading the best of tech and best practices amongst progressive grassroots leadership.

Bring a deeper layer of interactivity to the Netroots Nation 2020 conference through opportunities to network and socialize amongst other conference attendees. Give attendees the closest possible experience to an in person conference while maintaining safe practices during COVID-19.
Utilize Shindig’s unique social and networking capabilities to create an environment for conference attendees to convene and connect with one another face to face over progressive values and strategies for the 2020 political landscape.
Hundreds of attendees utilized the Shindig platform to socialize with each other, share progressive ideals and connect through a wonderful variety of presentations, game shows and the premiere of an excellent series of short films. Attendees sat excitedly in anticipation as two winners were announced for the first time ever at the Pundit Cup, a highly entertaining bout of political discourse. Progressive values and encouragement to get out the vote were on full display at the screening of short films from Brave New Films where leaders imparted the importance of participating in the American civic system to create progress for future generations. Alec Baldwin, Constance Wu and Randall Park even made appearances.