Unable to host in-person discussion panels, Wolfson College at the University of Oxford used Shindig to bring together students to hear from two historians of the Black Lives Matter movement in the United Kingdom. Discussion was given a particularly human dimension using Shindig’s unique feature to enable unparalleled face to face interaction both in the Q&A and in the followup interpersonal attendee discussion.

Host a discussion panel for students at one of Oxford’s largest graduate colleges to hear from some of Britain’s foremost experts on the history of Black communities in the UK. Enabling a face to face Q&A Session was a must for this event.
Recreate the traditional panel format, by allowing the speakers to give their presentations before opening up a podium for attendees to use to ask questions directly to the historians.
Shindig’s unique audience and podium system enabled a virtual experience that closely replicated the engagement of an in-person event. Dozens of participants were able to hear from historians in the field and interact with them directly through face to face video chat questions.