Faced with restrictions on number of people who could gather, SHINDIG played a transformative role in allowing EnsembleIQ and their client Pharmacy U to mirror their past in-person conference including exhibit booths, speakers and networking sessions.

Provide attendees with an interactive experience where they could be highlighted on stage to ask speakers questions in real time and ustilize Shindig's unique networking capabilities to connect privately or in small groups with other attendees. Additionally provide sponsors and vendors the ability to engage with attendees indiviually or in groups and safely capture specific visitor data for remarketing and furuther communication.
Host multiple sessions with dynamic interaction bewteen speakers and audience members as well as allowing attendees to easily jump out of one session, mingle in a virtual lobby and seemlessly join another session. Vendors and sponsors utilized Shindig splash pages to host multimedia content and capture visitor contact and meta data information securely protecting individual privacy and without resorting to relying on full attendee list.
Pharmacy U brought a well respected and popular in-person conference online in a dymaic way that gave all attendees extraordinary levels of interaction with others and event vendors and sponsors unique fatures to connect and follow up with high value participants.