Podcast Movement was looking to add higher levels of social interaction to their Podcast Movement Virtual 2020 conference and sought out Shindig for a number of social events, including the Welcome Reception. Sponsored by Spreaker, the event utilized Shindig’s ability to integrate third party applications through the use of a customized Social Point trivia experience embedded within Shindig. It also provided the Podcast Movement community an opportunity to connect with each other in video chats to discuss pertinent topics.

Provide an opportunity for the Podcast Movement community to socialize with each other after the first day of the Podcast Movement Virtual conference.
Integrate Social Point trivia into Shindig via hot button widget link and HTML iFrame embed code to allow a simple and easy way for conference attendees to network and engage with peers while participating in a brain teasing trivia experience.
The Podcast Movement team utilized Shindig to its fullest potential. Attendees were able to open the trivia game in a new window through a hot button widget link in the Shindig event and follow along with the questions and standings through a leaderboard embedded in one of the Shindig broadcast pods. Attendees were also given the opportunity to mix and mingle with each other through group video chats during the breaks between trivia rounds allowing this wonderful community the opportunity to connect with each other and discuss the topics of the conference’s opening day.