Post-Election Voting Access and Fraud with Davidson College

On November 9, Shindig hosted an event with Davidson College’s political science professors Dr. Susan Roberts and Dr. Andrew O’Geen. The hot topic of discussion was US voting access and fraud – a trending conversation especially after the historic presidential election. This was part of DavidsonX, a micro-MOOC series provided through the edX platform, on incorporating current events and world affairs into compelling discussions amongst students. With over 50 in attendance from 9 countries including the USA, Germany, Iceland, Taiwan, Russia, and more than 30 thought-provoking questions, this event certainly engaged those seeking to better understand American politics as well as provided them an opportunity to share concerns, ask questions and engage with one another.

Traditionally, online learning has offered one dimensional knowledge transfer from educator to student. This Shindig powered session is a reminder that there is ample opportunity to provide distance learners to collaborate and interact with one another in ways that extend far past simple discussion boards or emails. By enabling real-time conversations, reactions, and discussions, students integrate more deeply into their learning community and contribute to greater student body cohesion. These benefits also extend to educators, who have increased high-touch interactions with their learners. Davidson’s mini-MOOC series on political science is only one example of the many possibilities available to online educators and students for more integrated online experiences.