NYT’s “The Post-Text Future”: Are Video Chat Events The Answer?

Friday NYT’s Welcome to the Post-Text Future article describes the new media reality.

Surviving may depend on right-sizing expense associated with video production while also engaging an audience in a new exciting way.

TALK RADIO came of age when radio found itself with timeslots with impossibly low CPMs.

REALITY TV was born when cable found itself unable to sustain the production cost of quality of scripted programing.

Both formats were soon recognized as also being compelling new modes of entertainment, equally popular with audiences as the more expensive productions that were previous gold standards. These new formats uncovered audiences unending and previously untapped desire to be part of the show.

Shindig video chat events; (interactive newsmaker interviews, weeks in review, Q&As, town halls, and forums) derive their appeal from the same dynamics. Audience’s desire for meaningful engagement; Advertisers desire for demonstrable evidence of such.

In an age where people (advertisers and audiences both) prize authenticity above all else, nothing can feel more authentic than the unscripted dialogues between personalities and their public that Shindig uniquely enables.

And no format has the potential for timeliness, relevance, or cost-effectiveness than live online events: able to be convened with a tweet; produced almost instantly in the cloud; and with hosts, guests, and participants all on devices from wherever they happen to be.

If your organization is ready to explore the future online video chat events holds we hope you will reach out.

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