Product Updates

August 11th 2022
That’s Shindig Features Overview 2021

An overview of the features you can experience on Shindig. To find out more and to sign up for a demo, please head to https://shindig.com/

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May 19th 2021
Virtual Event Lobby and Multi-Session Support
Virtual Events in Shindig Virtual Event Platform

Shindig Virtual Lobbies enables all to mingle and network while selecting what event session in your multi-session conference to attend next. Creating a Lobby is selected in your Series Event Creation Menu. Once created a CTA that allows people to navigate to the Virtual Lobby will be available to the host of any event in the Series to trigger and dynamically display when they wish. Likewise, the event host can at any time open up an interactive display of the event directory turning any event once the official program has completed into a Virtual Lobby experience. The button to open the interactive event directory display is found under the Tutorial and Effects tab of the Select File Menu

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Not Just Video Chat

Imagine online events that are just as interactive, productive, and memorable as real life. Shindig gives you the tools you need to stop imagining and start experiencing. Sign up for a free demo and see how it works for yourself.
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