Rock the Vote hosts first of its kind online voters rights rally in key hours before 2016 Presidential Election, reaches over a million through Facebook Live aided by Eminem and others.
Increase awareness about issues of voter fraud and voter suppression by holding on online voters rights rally using Shindig in the key hours before the 2016 Presidential Election. Spread the word through using Shindig Facebook Live integration to stream event to ad hoc network of 10 other Facebook Live audiences.
The online rally was simultaneously streamed to tens of thousands more via an ad hoc network of 10 Facebook Pages, including the Facebook pages of Eminem, Indigo Girls, and the League of Women voters. Almost 30,000 total participated in the live stream of the rally over Shindig and Facebook Live together. In just one day, the Rock the Vote Online Voter Rights Rally video garnered 1 millions views, all in the key hours before election day.
Leverage the influence of several key Facebook pages and create an ad-hoc network of Facebook Live streams. The audience comprised of voters from 44 states.