Event Organizer and Producer Tallen sought to provide the most state of the art experience for their demanding events clients including Booz Allen Hamilton and Solera Holdings Inc. Among their challenges was to provide for Annual meetings involving 1000's of attendees for 10 State Teachers Associations.

Continue to enable successful events during COVID to replace their schedule of 100 plus virtual conferences and events including 10 State Teacher Association Annual Meetings and client conferences for clients from Booz Allen Hamilton to Solera Holding Inc.
Utilize Shindig's full suite of audience engaging and "production-improving" features that allow Tallen to create virtual awards cermonies, town halls, wine tastings and other corporate functions where attendees can interact with presenters or sessions while staying seamlessly connected to each other in real-time video and move through the each event experience with freedom and ease.
Tallen is a preferred production partner with Shindig now offering their clients attendee engagement that is truly unique within the virtual community. As CEO Andy Taffin has said, "Our clients enjoy seeing their audience mingle with each other before, during, and after an event much like they would in a live environment. In today’s world of virtual burnout, Shindig offers a fresh and engaging experience for both presenters and attendees."