University of Regina expands access to their 3rd Annual Common Threads Conference by taking it virtual with Shindig!
Voluntary Sector Studies Network (VSSN) at Luther College, University of Regina made it their mission to expand access and increase attendance to their 3rd Annual Common Threads Conference by offering a digital, yet highly interactive, ticketed option for community members across the widespread northern and rural areas of the province.
VSSN integrated their online and offline audiences through the power of video. At the venue, VSSN set up a large screen monitor to broadcast the virtual Shindig audience. Respectively, they enabled an external camera offering the at-home audience a front-row view of the stage and a spanned view of the various roundtables. The combination allowed all attendees, both physical and digital, to participate and engage equally.
Utilizing the Shindig platform and its advanced engagement features, VSSN was able to increase access to those unable to travel the far distance across the province to this year’s Common Threads Conference, saving time and money for attendees. Ultimately, VSSN was successfully able to broaden their agenda to creating an inclusive environment through education, discussion, and engagement...and now technology!