Looking to throw a one of a kind virtual celebration for their employees, the team at TracFone turned to Shindig. Complete with live DJ, live mixologist, a magician, latin dance lessons, TracFone’s got talent and special guest, Ken Jennings, hosting TracFone Trivia, this was truly an online event where we can say you had to be there.

Seamlessly integrate a robust program including DJ, mixologist, celebrity host and more with Shindig’s technology to create an amazing virtual celebration for TracFone Employees. Create an environment where TracFone employees can interact with each other and revel in many choices for live entertainment in a virtual setting.
Livestream a DJ performance into Shindig through an RTMP feed and allow attendees to join the podium on stage to show of their dance moves; utilize concurrent Shindig URLs to create party rooms for attendees to explore; bring in a celebrity guest to host a trivia game in front of the whole company and use the raise hand function like a Jeopardy buzzer; give away $20,000 in prizes to attendees and bring them to the stage to verify their wins and show excitement.
Nobody has done it better than TracFone. This party had everything a virtual party could have. An incredible performance by DJ Africa was only made better by dozens of TracFone employees joining the stage to showcase their dance moves. Ken Jennings hosted a riveting game of TracFone trivia that was the talk of the event. TracFone managers served as judges for TracFone’s Got Talent, which featured some wonderful performances from employees. Employees were even able to navigate to concurrent Shindig URLs to watch a magician, a steel pan band, a string trio and take part in a latin dance class. Bravo, TracFone!