Looking for a virtual theatre to hold a climate change based role-playing game, The UN Foundation employed the Shindig platform. Elements of Change is a role-playing game that required participants to be able to move easily into separate private conversations while also viewing and hearing content intended for them all. Designed to explore the intersections between diplomacy, conflict, and climate change team representing a country and utilized the Shindig private video group chat function to strategize as a team before joining the podium to address the whole group.

Hold Elements of Change virtually and design a system that allows teams to break out into small groups of 4-6 to privately discuss game strategy before rejoining the group as a whole and presenting from the Shindig stage.
Utilize the Shindig stage to address the whole ‘world’ and break off into private video chat groups for team strategy discussions.
Elements of Change was a success. The devised format for the event allowed for smooth transitions between sections and made the gameplay feel seamless. The ability for teams to strategize privately in the same virtual space that they addressed the group in made this feel as close to in person as possible. Players were so impressed that some even recommended Shindig to their own organizations for future events!