The Office of Scholarship Support at the University of Phoenix, School of Advanced Studies has partnered with Shindig to offer the online collegiality and socialization needed for an advanced community of learning and provide opportunities that enable faculty, students, and alumni to develop and achieve their professional research and scholarship goals.
The Shindig Educational Video Chat is already in place for the Dissertation to Publication Workshop which cultivates the knowledge and skill of over 150 participants to disseminate their research through publication. In addition, the Shindig Educational Video Chats are transforming the Knowledge Without Boundaries Academy, a several day teaching event, from a face-to-face seminar into a hybrid event with the interactive online experience extending its reach, participation, and impact.
“The nucleus of Shindig’s design sensibility is the opportunity to have organic interaction in small groups while also delivering quality group instruction. We needed a tool that could capture and recreate the feel of in-person engagements. Nothing did that at well as Shindig did.” - Dr. Medgar Roberts (chair of the platform review committee). The University of Phoenix will use Shindig’s Video Chat platform to power the interactions of thousands of scholars and multiple research centers in the School of Advanced Studies through workshop sessions, monthly webinars, research lab team meetings and interactions between center affiliates.