UofP first-ever online conference courtesy of Shindig improves participation four-fold while saving time and money.
The University of Phoenix hosted their first-ever four-day online conference entirely on Shindig's interactive platform to increase participation while saving time and money by digitally engaging over 800 faculty members in various online assemblies from plenary sessions to workshops to informal social events.
UofP replicated the social dynamics of a brick and mortar conference through Shindig's fluid online peer-to-peer and presenter-to-attendee interaction. Presenters took “the stage”, shared content, called on participants, and "met" individually with attendees. Meanwhile, audience members mingled with each other via Shindig’s proprietary self-initiated private video chat feature.
John Woods, Provost of UofP termed the conference "a poster child for innovation." Moving the conference online not only saved the university administrative time and effort, and significantly reduced costs by eliminating the need for travel, hotels, and meals; it also enabled UofP to engage three to four times more attendees than they had ever been able to reach historically through their in-person events.