Hold a multi-day, multi-faceted summit entirely online for the 2nd year in a row

To hold a multi-day, multi-faceted pre COVID conference entirely online: KWB Summit Online Conference
This University of Phoenix faculty conference had all the hallmarks one would expect: a fireside with President Peter Cohen, Q&As with the Deans, 100's of speaker presentations and workshops with attendee participation along with informal social events. In short, it was totally typical, except for the fact that the entire 5-day.
Concurrent sessions and the ability for attendees to collaborate in private video conversations while presenters spoke from virtual podiums above. The platform helped to duplicate the feel of a hotel or convention center conference particularly compared to other platforms that typically only allow one person to speak with larger audiences of more than 25, for example. Attendees could pick and meander in and out of sessions like any conference and mingle to build camaraderie and to strengthen networking opportunities.