VuHaus: Live Q&A from SXSW with Classic Rockstars

Hosted by VuHaus’ Mark Abuzzahab live from SXSW, this past Thursday’s Shindig event featured old school rock legends Jody Stephens (Big Star), Mike Mills (REM), Ken Stringfellow (Big Star/REM), and Chris Stamey (dB’s).

It was an intimate gathering at a hotel suite, unstaged and authentic, as the rockers buzzed excitement for their upcoming festival showing, waxed nostalgic of their late rocker alums, and casually chit chatted about life in the music lane. Fans and audience members from across the nation tuned in to interact with the musicians and participate in the Q&A. One fan asked what these rockstars did to seek inspiration — let’s just say, the response was very honest.