Public radio station WSHU used Shindig to produce a panel discussion around the topic of the 2020 election for its subscribers and listeners. Featuring contributions from WSHU’s top political contributors, the event sought to engage in discourse about the context of this election in American history while also soliciting donations to benefit the station through interactive calls to action.

Produce a high quality panel discussion around the 2020 election to drive donations to the public station with a specific focus on audience engagement and security to prevent "Zoombombing" or other disruptions.
Utilize Shindig’s robust broadcast capabilities to produce a panel of top political thinkers to attract listeners and subscribers to the event. Then, collect donations through an interactive call to action linking to WSHU’s donation page.
Hundreds of dedicated station members tuned out to participate in this fantastic discussion around the context of the 2020 election. Attendees were engaged with each other and the panelists and were treated to a spirited discussion about the context of media and communication surrounding the 2020 election. Many donations were gathered and Shindig was able to provide WSHU with the technology to make it all happen.